Unicode To Preeti

Namaste, Use the tool below to type in Unicode Font and get your text converted or translated into Preeti Font Text. Using this tool is every easy, you can use the text box in the "Input" to type your text in Unicode format and click "Convert to Preeti" Button to get your Unicode Text converted into Preeti Font Text.

Paste the text in Unicode font in the box below (Input) :

The input given in the above box is :


What is Unicode ? 

To understand the basics of this tool, first one should get an idea around the purpose and usage of unicodes. Unicode is an International encoding standard for assigning a unique numeric value to letter, digit, or symbol of different languages and scripts. Using Unicode, one can minimize the conflicts caused by the incompatible coding system. UTF-8 is the most commonly used UNICODE Standard, which uses one byte for any ASCII characters. Are you looking for Preeti Font ? If Yes, You can Visit Preeti Font Search Result Page and get list of variants in the Preeti Font Family.